Week 1 - Getting Started in DXN

This is the complete course as taught by Mr. Ghani to over 100,000 Network Marketers, in over 47 countries. The course was developed over a period of 16 years. The same systems, information and strategies used by Mr. Ghani to build his network to over 500,000 customers and business builders is what you will learn.

At the end of each module you will find a study worksheet with questions you will be asked to test your knowledge base. This is an open book work at your own pace. We suggest that you allocate 8 weeks to go through each of the 8 modules to fully research and understand the material.

Be sure to study this information thoroughly before you begin promoting DXN products and the business.

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Module 1

What is Network Marketing



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Placement Spreadsheet

This is a great tool to give you a visual overview of how your placement stucture looks. You will need Microsoft Excel to open and use this spreadsheet.

Prospect List 1


Accountability Form