Professional training in 6 of our product series.

Ghani Academy will pair you up with a network professional to train you one-on-one.

Extended resources are available in the members training center for product specific information.

We bring you a series of health products made of 100 % natural raw materials without any artificial preservatives, colourings or flavourings. The quality of our products is always given priority in every single step of production. The recognition of ISO 14001, ISO 9001, and TGA indicates that our products have attained international standards.

Health Food Supplement Series

This product series is broken down into 4 product groups.

  • Ganoderma Series
  • Other Precious Mushrooms & Fungi
  • Single Herbal Ingredient Product
  • Premix Powder Product

In this training you will be introduced to Ganoderma and other precious mushrooms & Fungi products.

Food & Beverage Series

This product series is broken down into 5 product groups.

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Fruit Juice
  • Nutritious Drink
  • General Everday Food Products

You will be trained in 32 individual products in total. Each with its own purpose for everyday general consumption to casual snacking that promotes overall good health and nutition.

Personal Care Series

This series of products were developed for everyday usage. Items like soap, shampoo and even tooth paste.

This training consists of 13 personal care products that are formulated with our very own Ganoderma.

Skincare & Cosmetics Series

This product series offers the essentials for daily skincare and beauty.

6 products make up this series. Here you will be trained on products that include hand and body lotion to toner, cleanser and our micro emulsion moisturizer and 5 shades of lipstick to compliment all skin tones.

Household Appliance Series

This series was designed for everyday household use.

This training focusses on 5 products to get you familiar with product understanding and usage.

Water Treatment Series

2 water treatment systems that delivers safe water and peace of mind.

A business can be built areound these two water treament systems. In this training you will learn about water and why filtering tap water before you drink it, is even more important.