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Direct Selling

Our 8 Module Home Study Course

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This is the complete course as taught by Mr. Ghani to over 100,000 Network Marketers, in over 47 countries. The course was developed over a period of 16 years. The same systems, information and strategies used by Mr. Ghani to build his network to over 500,000 customers and business builders is what you will learn.

At the end of each module you will find a study worksheet with questions you will be asked to test your knowledge base. This is an open book work at your own pace. We suggest that you allocate 8 weeks to go through each of the 8 modules to fully research and understand the material.

Here is a sneak peak of what's
inside our Home Study Course

You're going to the 8 modules and exercise worksheets.

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Module 1

What is Network Marketing

An in-depth inside look into Network Marketing. This module also has comparison charts explaining why network marketing is the perfect opportuinity and a criteria check list in selecting a network marketing company.

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Module 2

A Business of Leverage

Understanding why Leverage is so important and the phases you will go through as you duplicate your efforts and begin to grow you business.

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Module 3

How to succeed in Network Marketing

Here we will discover the bridges of failure to success, 30 ways to success, understanding why people fail and building the networkers mindset.

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Module 4

Prospects and Prospecting

Who are prospects and where do I find them? In this module you will learn to find and qualify prospects using our memory jogger and spread sheet system.

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Module 5

Natural Approach

Getting the conversation started, a proven strategy with ice breakers and learning how to ask the right questions.

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Module 6

Natural Presentation

Getting prepared and understanding the 4 types of audiences for whom you will be presenting too. Learning to deliver key points and qualify at the same time.

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Module 7

Follow-Up, Follow-Through

Not following up is a common fatal mistake that is made by network marketers that are new to the business. Here you will learn a complete strategy in following-up, complete with a drip system.

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Module 8

Goals, Commitment and Coaching

Goal Setting using the S.M.A.R.T. System. Using the "confirmation strategy" for part-time and full-time networkers. Also included are; understanding accountabilty and being accountable and becoming the trainer, coach and mentor.